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So, I have a laptop that came with windows 8, I upgraded to windows 10 for free when it came and everything went okay. Now I want to upgrade my laptop HDD to a SSD, but I was wondering how will this affect my windows license key. I read some articles but the more I read more confusing and contrary information I found so I was wondering if anyone has experienced this or has a defenitive answer
I don't have a sticker with the original key anywhere on the laptop



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First make sure that you have logged into Window 10 on the computer using your Microsoft account.

Theoretically once you have done that your are allowed to reinstall as often as you want, it does't ask for a registration number anymore.

After that all I can tell you is that I switched from a conventional HD to an SSD and all I did was to install Windows 10 on my new drive, and sign in with my Windows ID.

It was somewhat different for me because I just added the SSD to my already installed hard drives, but I did have only the SSD connected when I did the installation.

It didn't question my registration, just logged in as normal, and then I connected my other drives.

But it you have problems you will still have your original hard drive as a backup, even if you do get some question (which I doubt) you can just contact Microsoft and tell them that its the same computer, and they will fix it.

You can find out what your present key is by using software that will locate it and show it too you, I use Belarc Adviser, it will show you every detail about your computer, even the serial numbers of all of your software.


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