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Discussion in 'Windows 8 Help and Support' started by Intrezt, Jan 6, 2016.

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    My friend has a pc at his work that runs windows 8, they need to send pdf files through email, however he ran into an issues once he switched to windows 8.

    He brings up pdffactory pro, while outlook runs in the background, once he finds the pdf he wants to email he clicks email button on pdf factory, this is where it's suppose to bring up a compose email in Outlook, but instead he gets an error saying "An error occurred in Windows (MAPISendMail failed). after this another message pops up saying to retry or switch to, in order to fix, this causes outlook to restart itself and then it will work.

    So what I did was I set outlook to not run as admin and pdf factory to also not run as admin. once i do that he clicks send and brings up outlook and email sends. however this obviously causes issues in other programs that did not have issues before i took outlook off run as admin.

    Does anyone know a fix for the pdf factory issue that won't conflict with other software that may use outlook? any ideas would be very appreciated.
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    Why are you running either of the applications as administrator, there shouldn't be any need for that? Also why not just open a new email in Outlook and drag the pdf over the new email that will attach it to the email.

    I would also verify the version of pdf factory pro you are using is compatible with your version of Windows and Outlook as well as verify that Outlook is set as your default mail application.
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    Given the info so far I would assume your friends' outlook is set to the wrong account as default
    So if they have two accounts like a Microsoft id and an admin / local then the outlook will always assume the Microsoft id first but this is just a default setting and can be adjusted

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