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Hello guys,

I've been having trouble with my Windows 10 recently. I've been encountering all sorts of Blue Screens of Death, which seems very odd to me. Most of the time I'm gaming or watching a YouTube video while the crashes occur, but sometimes I'm not doing anything and it still happens. I've tried updating my drivers but no luck.

I've seen the following error messages over the last few weeks:
- system failure exception
- critical process died
- PFN list corrupt
- memory management
- IRQL not less or equal
- kernel security check failure
- system thread exception not handled
- faulty hardware corrupted page
- bad pool header

Did I get a nasty virus? Should I just reinstall Windows to get rid of the problem?

I'd appreciate any input from you guys.

Thanks a lot!


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Need to see the memory dumps. BSODs are generally the result of buggy drivers or hardware failures. Malware typically don't typically cause BSODs also some malware will mark itself as a critical process and killing can cause a 'Critical Process Died' BSOD.

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Good grief,

That's a lot of death screens.

Your last one (pool header) is a bad request by a thread in the processor. Try using the Driver Verifier for that. (You can find it by typing it into Cortana search.)