Windows 8 AMD XFX Radeon 6850 Vsync problem


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I have a XFX Radeon 6850 video card ( running on Windows 7) and Vertical Sync doesn't work and it's most notable when i play videos ( movies or on YouTube), the image get's distorted like the Vsync isn't activated.
From the AMD Video card settings i have set Vertical sync to be ALLWAYS ON, but it doesn't work.

I was wondering could it be because of some setting in Windows or can you set Vsync from some Windows desktop settings?

I can provide more details, i was to vague.

Thank you.


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I'm pretty sure vsync effects games only it refers to the 'tearing' that can result if the top of the screen is going faster than the bottom..

What issue are you seeing in video playback? Could you take a screenshot perhaps?


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Hi, it's exactly the same "tearing" effect that can be seen in games if Vsync is OFF, and I am getting this tearing effect in any type of video playback, especially when the actions is fast moving. I can't catch the problem in a screen shot, but I'll try to capture a video or something. Thanks for your reply.


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I have the latest flash player, but as I said in my first post, it a problem will all types of videos... the out of sync happens
when I play movies too or in games, everywhere, not just with flash videos.

I'll try to install the latest Video card drivers, maybe that will help...