Any Ubuntu users around here?

Hi all. I've just joined this forum and have only had Ubuntu installed for a short time, dual booting through grub with Win7x64.

Seems to be fast and relatively stable, though it refused to boot today. I went into recovery mode and without having the slightest idea what I was doing, managed to get it updated and running again. I'm now terrified of shutting it down in case it won't start again.

My computer came configured as a dual boot because one of the video editors I use runs better under linux. (ubntu 9.04)
Never had any trouble with windows or linux

Hell yeah I'm an Ubuntu user :-D. Been using it for over a year and it is awesome, though Windows 7 is also sick too :-D

you just found another one. i have been using ubunti since 2004. warty i believe. i dual-boot between windows and ubuntu 9.04. my laptop has vista 32bit and ubuntu, and my desktop has win7 32 bit and ubuntu.

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I plan to use Ubuntu on my old desktop. I'll probably dual boot Win XP x64 and Ubuntu. I've been using the W7 RC on it but I recently retired it since I got my new machine. Besides the RC starts the dying process today and I'm not going to buy it for that old dinosaur. It's going to be my Linux box.

There's no way I'm going to dual boot on my new machine. I had way too many problems with it in the past and it's just not worth the aggravation.


I have been running Linux Mint on my desktop since November of 2009. I went to several stores with money in hand to buy the Windows 7 Family Pack, but it was gone. Since I have to use Windows at work, running Linux at home seems reasonable plus the security and stability are great. Lack of games seems to be the biggest weakness of Linux.


Well I run Windows 7 beta while it lasted and Ubuntu dualboot, it was great, Ubuntu 9.10 is awesome

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