Anyone been able to get Cortana to play music?

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    Before I updated to the final version of Cortana I could get her to play my music by saying, "Hey Cortana, Play my music.".

    Now she responds saying Sure thing playing your music.

    Then she says, "Something's not right, try again in a little bit".

    I've removed all my playlists, cleaned everything up, shut Cortana off and set her up again, and created a new Cortana playlist in Groove Music.

    I also set it as my default music player.

    The Playlist is in my Music\Playlists folder and my root Music folder also has the music in it.

    Now it gets weirder.

    I discovered that if I start my music playing manually in Groove Music, from the Cortana playlist, I can say Hey Cortana Pause, and she will say Pausing and do so.

    Then if I say Resume she will start playing the music again.

    If I say "Play next Track" she will play the next track etc.

    I've looked online for clear instructions on how you are supposed to set Cortana up to play music, i.e. where are the playlists supposed to go, what music players are supported etc. but find nothing really helpful.

    I just wonder is anyone else is getting this to work and how they have the whole thing set up, where are your playlists, how do you get Cortana to see them etc.

    I'm pretty sure this doesn't have anything to do with connection issues, I can ask her pretty much anything else and she response correctly, searches, weather, jokes etc. all work normally just like the did before, only the play my music thing seems to be bugged.


    I did pin my Playlist to the Start Menu, so I can start it with a single click, after that I can move forward or back verbally, but it won't let my put it on the task bar.
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