Asus p6t se usbports stays powered after shutdown


I hope anybody can help me out here.
This is my problem: it's already about a year know since I've assembled my computer. My motherboard seems not to completely shutdown the power of the usb ports. The motherboard I use is a Asus P6T se, I've been searching trough the forum but nothing came out.. maybe I oversaw it but I'm not sure 'bout that.

So when I shutdown all usbdevice basically stay on or are still getting power.. I want it to turn off too. First reactions will give me go check the BIOS unfortunate I can't find there any solutions. I browsed it several times already.

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Have you checked the Device Manager under USB controllers, USB Root Hubs. Select one and right click for properties. Go to the Power Management tab.

Yes I just did and everything is allowed to be disabled.


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Then I might have only two other suggestions. The first is if you look in the Advanced Power settings dialog box, under USB settings, is USB selective suspend setting enabled? I would think if a device is allowed to wake the computer that it would need some type of power available.

The second might be do you have some device plugged in that might not be behaving. Perhaps try unplugging whatever to see if it helps.

I have a P6T and a flash drive plugged in will power down, or at least the light will go out.

Well, I those aren't allowed to enable my computer.
and on the second it's an headset..


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I have an ASUS P5Q-E and mine are also on after power down thought it was a feature I can walk up and plug in my cell phone, GPS, or TAB to charge it with out turning on the PC

Great feature when your sleeping room is lightened by your headset while you are trying to get some sleep and don't want to get behind the case to pull it out :p


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The only suggestion I can think of is to get a USB extender cable or USB hub then at least you can easily unplug the the offending device.


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If it is a headset, it might be related to multimedia settings.In the power panel - plans - basic settings, there is a "Prevent idling to sleep" under multimedia. You could also check the network and sharing center to see if you have media streaming tuned on.

I don't suppose there are any options for the headset software to allow sleeping, or in Device Manager for it specifically, but you have probably already checked that.

If it is a headset, it might be related to multimedia settings.In the power panel - plans - basic settings, there is a "Prevent idling to sleep" under multimedia.
Sorry but I don't seem to find where you are referring too. I've got checked the rest already yes.
Thanks for helping anyways..


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See the attached. It might not be relevant unless you or the headset altered multimedia settings. Do you use Media Player or Windows Media Player? Any settings there?



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Just an update, but I was in the bios on my P8Z68 and noticed one of the onboard devices is a USB battery charger. Mine is disabled, but I would think if your was enabled, assuming you have one, it might keep the ports powered. Mine was off the screen on the bottom so you had to scroll down to see it.

From reading this thread, I've got one observation and one suggestion.

First when Windows shuts down it no longer has any control of power or anything else. That's all controlled by the motherboard.
Windows cannot fully shut down the motherboard. There has to be 5vdc available to the START button or you can't turn on the PC.
It's also available to certain parts of the motherboard and sometimes even some plug in cards.

Two, if you really want to SHUT DOWN your PC, then plug it into a switchable power strip that you can easily reach, and after your PC (Windows) has done its ShUT DOWN, turn off the power to it. That's much safer than leaving it powered up all the time.
If your BIOS is set correctly, when you turn the strip ON, the computer will also come on, monitor ON, speakers ON, etc., everything plugged into the power strip. I find this very helpful to bring up my whole system with just one switch.
And, I know when it's OFF, it's really OFF.

Cheers mate!
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