Windows 10 Base Filtering Engine issues... Windows 10 Professional, fully updated 21H2


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Apr 12, 2021
About 2 weeks ago, I noticed that the slider switch on my Emsisoft AntiMalware home security, which activates/deactivates the Windows Defender firewall, was in the 'off' position. Thinking it strange, I set it to 'on'. More strange though, as 10 seconds later, it reset itself to 'off'. Further checking revealed it to be greyed out.

This had me pursue the issue, and I discovered the culprit is the Windows 10 Base Filtering Engine. It is normally set to run automatically, and should have started with boot-up. Checking it out in services.msc, I switched it on directly, but it failed. Nothing I did, made it work. Which concerned me, as it doesn't matter whether I want to use the built-in MS Defender firewall, or a 3rd-party product, no firewall will work without it.

I tried various firewall 'fixers', all to no avail. I then went to my go-to favourite fixer, No... still didn't work! That led me to a Windows repair install/upgrade install, keeping all of my files, data, and settings. That seemed to work initially, but I noted that my Windows store was broken, my x-box for pc, also, and my MSFS2020 wouldn't boot, despite my needing to do the next update release.

4 days later, the firewall, and of course, the base filtering engine, failed again. Back to square-one! Additionally, Windows will no longer allow me the luxury of another repair/upgrade install, it 'assumes' that I don't need it! Back to, run all of their repair options, and no, nothing. Not the firewall working, no MS Store, no X-Box, no MSFS2020.

If anyone at all has any ideas on where I need to proceed next, I would appreciate all sensible suggestions! Thanks in advance to anyone who is tempted to assist...
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