Black screen on Installation of Windows Professional Upgrade

I'm very glad to have stumbled across this forum!

I've recently purchased a new ASUS computer (N61V I think), it came with Windows 7 Home, however for school the techies will only work with Windows 7 Professional, so thus, I cannot use it at the moment. I went through start, and went to "Windows Anytime Upgrade", purchased the Professional upgrade, confirmed, etc, etc.

But for some reason my screen has gone black (I'm using another comp!) and the lights are flashing on and off. This has been happening for 2 hours now, and I'm not sure what to do.

It's got a 500GB hard drive (around 470gb left) and I'm not sure why it's having such problems. Very strong internet connection - plugged in- and has been on charging.

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If it is a new system, have you asked ASUS? Maybe there is something about an OEM OS or another type of situation that might require special procedures. Maybe it has something to do with a recovery utility.

Which lights are flashing?

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Well if you did an upgrade instead of a clean install it may be the problem. Upgrades rarely work without problems.

I have upgraded from Pro to Ultimate before. Everything is OK.

I guess you have the OEM version of Windows 7. In this case, you can just get a professional key from the internet (or the key you have bought) and fresh install Win7.

More suggestions about OEM can be found at My Digital Life Forum.

Good luck!

I'm sorry you're having this issue. For a FAQ on common Windows installation problems, visit

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