black screen when Win 8.1 Pro Boots

Fresh DVD install 2nd time. Same issue on both installs.Problem is Windows 8.1 gets stuck right past the logo screen. (black screen). When it boots and gets stuck I press the power button and the press it again and it boots to desktop. I have installed all updates along with all chipset, driver, dispay etc. No antivirus/mal ware installed. If i remove the intell driver and only use the windows driver it works perfect on boot. Windows boots all the way with no problems, but there is no display or resolution settings. I have the Intel(R) HD Graphics 3000 driver installed now but I also installed the latest version. Neither fixed the problem. Satellite L775-S7352

That is were I got the Intel(R) HD Graphics 3000 Driver


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Sort of sounds like a hard drive problem. Since we have no history of the unit or any details, maybe you could let us know if your system is not set up to use the AHCI controller in the bios, and if not, what is it using. How many drives are in the system? If you have any external drives, you might disconnect them.

System is running a SSD in AHCI mode. The other option is compatibility. Tried both but neither fixed it. Only one Drive its the SSD. No external drives.


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I seemed to have focused on your comment about having to restart the system to get it to work. If you believe it works fine before any video updates are installed, try running the system without allowing any hardware updates. You can set the system to download but not update so you can choose, or use the Advanced Properties to disable hardware updates.

I cannot seem to see why rebooting would change the video driver being used by the system, which is one reason I initially went to the drive.. As kemical mentions, the best place for drivers is from the manufacturer, but if you are not doing that, possibly some update is causing the problem. I have had problems with the WDDM, which may be Nvidia only, type driver where it will update version 1,2 and 3 at the same time, and I believe I currently have one of those hidden.

With Windows 8, I suppose you also need to worry about the fast boot option, since the driver being used may be stored there.. You might try disabling Fast Boot for a period of time to see if it helps. If this is an older system, are you running Windows 8 in Legacy Mode?

The Intel graphics driver is for the built-in (chip) video.. Is you system using that or is there some other video adapter installed?

Let me clarify a bit. When I hit the power button it goes into sleep mode not a full restart. When the computer boots to the logo screen with the loading little circle thing. Right after that it gets a black screen. I then press the button fast I do not hold it down. The computer goes to sleep/hibernate mode, then I press it again and it boots all the way to windows. Think it may be a sleep problem? sorry for leaving this out. Been a long week.

I think fast boot is off I will double check it. I am getting all drivers from the manufactures website. Windows 8 legacy Mode I will check. I am using the on board video card, no addon

Fast boot is off Windows 8 from the bios I have shows Windows 8.1 running in AHCI mode I do not see anything about running it in Legacy mode.

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