Black screen with movable arrow on power up

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Hi new here hoping for some help, my daughters laptop which is a year old but has only been turned on about 10 times hardly used just sits under the bed in its box, well she pressed power button and nothing happened just a black screen and an arrow that you can move nothing else no welcome no bootup options it just does this every time. How can we fix this ? It dosnt have a disk drive either which dosnt help if i need to use a disk. Cheers mark


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I would try booting into safe mode. If you get get into Windows, the easiest way to get to safe mode is boot the computer and power it off rinse and repeat 3 or 4 times and it should automatically go to the advanced start up menu and you can select safe mode. If you get get into safe mode then you may have a driver issue, most likely graphics so you may want to start there and update it if it's not already.

If you can't get into safe mode, you can create a recovery usb from another Windows computer and boot to that. Choose the cmd prompt and run fixmbr.exe and bootrect.exe to try and repair the boot process or chkdsk /f /r C: to check and fix issues on the hard drive.


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Some newer computers do not respond to the safe mode boot trick neemo suggests. In that case, it could be because the hard drive has failed, and safe mode will not work at all if that's the case. Did your daughter drop that laptop since she's had or loan it to a friend or family member who might have done so?

If that's the case, you need to return the laptop to the place your purchased it and have them fix or replace it if it's less than 1 year old. It would be covered by the Factory Warranty by most major laptop makers. If you bought at a retail store (brick-and-mortar store) such as Best Buy or Staples, they will have you call the manufacturer is most cases to exercise the 1 year warranty. Even if you bought an Extended Warranty, the retailer will most likely have you ship it off to the manufacturer or take to a local factory authorized depot center for the repair. In the US this will cost you about $60 or so with Insurance at Full Purchase price to ship back to them. Once they repair it, they will ship back to you at no cost on their dime. The problem with this is it can take from 3-11 weeks to get that laptop back from the factory.:waah:

Another issue is Data Recovery. Does your Daughter have homework, music, movies, E-mails stored on that laptop? If so, and you send it back to the factory for repair, they will wipe your hard drive clean if they repair it and drive still works. If the hard drive has failed and that's the cause of the problem, they will replace the drive, and all her data is gone! You must make sure that when you talk to the factory tech on the phone when you schedule the repair that you want DATA RECOVERY done on the drive UP FRONT. They will most likely tell you that they must charge you for this, and it can be anywhere from $150-$550 or more. :waah: Hopefully, she or you have previously made backups of any personal data stored on that laptop to external media. So, you could have bigger and more expensive issues here than just getting the laptop to work again. :scratch:

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It is also possible it wasn't shut down but the top was just closed and it is in sleep or hibernate. I would pull the battery out, and the power cord, then press the power button to relieve any energy left ion the system. Wait15 minutes or so then plug the power cord back in and see if it will start.