BSOD - Driver Power State Fail

Hello, I am having a BSOD issue, a few days ago it started. I leave my computer in sleep mode over night, and when i boot up, my internet seems to slowly stop working over a 10 minute period then going completely, and I get a power state failure.

I have Updated my GPU drivers and removed hamachi after they were found to cause issues in other cases, but the BSOD keeps coming. I have also used sfc/ scannow and had no integrity violations.

Here are the crash files (4) -


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1. Windows 7 has problems with wakening, I've experienced them too. One option could be, shut your computer down, period. You could try this for a while?

2. Since you seem to have a rather clear picture of when problems began, perhaps you could try a restore point? Sometimes updates cause more trouble than they solve, be it Windows or other updates.

Important would be, that you have crucial Windows updates. If I were you, I would

a. check installed programs ~a few days ago, whatever that means, uninstall them
b. go to a restore point early enough, restore the system
c. try it all again, being careful with updates and new programs > take off any automatic updates, Windows too. Make them all report you about updates, but requiring your approval.
d. never does any harm to scan your computer with your Antivirus, and Malwarebytes.

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