Windows 7 build 7068 wireless disconnect


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I have been using windows 7068 for 48 hours now and it seems that after approxamatly 40 Mb or download the wirless network disconnects and must be reset using the windows troubleshooting tool. i am using a belkin N router with firmware 4.004 and a dell 1510 wireless N adapter with current (vista) drivers. I have attempted removing the IPv6 capability, as well as disabling "homegroup" but so far the only way i can use th internet is in 5-10 miniute bursts without using too much bandwidth.

has anyone else run into these issues and does anyone have a solution? for the time being im thnking about rolling back to the 7000 build where these issues did not present themselves, if there is not a fix within the next 48 hours i will be rolling back and awaiting the next build release.