Windows 10 Can I disable my laptop's internal keyboard?


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As the title suggests, I wish to disable my laptop keyboard as I use an external one because the one my laptop came with barely works at this point. For the longest time I just ended up using an external one and just pretended as if the internal one isn't even there, however the internal one started acting all weird all of a sudden. Some keys get pressed at random, and others just keep on getting pressed non stop, needless to say it's pretty much impossible to type or do a lot of other tasks like this, and I need a fix for this.

I tried uninstalling my internal keyboard on the device manager as there was no "disable" option, but I was unsuccessfull. Any help is greatly appreciated, thank you!


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Some laptops will have a key combo that will disable it, others it can be disabled in BIOS and some have no option. In the last scenario you'd need to physically disconnect the keyboard ribbon cable to disable it.

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