Can I multiboot?


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Hey, so recently I wanted to play some older games that did not work on any windows 7+

so I wanted to install windows vista as a multiboot system, now I saw that there was this warning:

  • You must install the older operating system first, and then install the more recent operating system. If you don't (for example, if you install Windows Vista on a computer already running Windows 7), you can render your system inoperable. This can happen because earlier versions of Windows don't recognize the startup files used in more recent versions of Windows and can overwrite them.
is it still safe for me to do so if I have windows 10 first? do I really have to delete my windows in order to not corrupt my pc?

please help, I've been trying to do it for around 3 days (still not very good at messing with it) and i just want to make sure I won't mess this up as it is important to me but.. deleting my windows with everything on it seems a bit too much for a few childhood games, but I might, just might do it anyways.


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Rather than install another operating system have you tried running the games in compatibility mode? Simply right click the start up icon, choose properties, compatibility along the top and then you can choose which operating system in which to run your game.


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Thanks for the quick replay but I did, I have done anything I know to make it work, no matter what I did it just threw me back to the desktop without even opening the game, BUT when I tried to use something like a VirtualBox it did actually work with windows xp BUT obviously the program is not meant for that and it couldn't read the video card thus making the game crash down with an error, so I decided that the best idea for it is just to take 50 GB and make them Vista. that way is the only solution I got so far, but I just want to know if it's safe enough as I do not intend on reseating everything just for that sadly..


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can you just please tell me if I can muitiboot, sorry if there is a problem with double posts, I just don't want to do it if it will be sure to destroy my pc.