Can ONLY connect WIN 8 Dell XPS 13 at home

Discussion in 'Windows 8 Networking' started by jmz21, Mar 29, 2013.

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    I have a Dell XPS 13 running windows 8 - owned by me, not my employer - and it connects just fine to my home router. However, I cannot connect it anywhere else. It will see networks, I'll enter the security key, and it will tell me it cannot connect. This has happened at my office, at coffee shops, and at friends houses. So I try all the suggested troubleshooting steps and end up in some infinite loop of complete unhelpfulness. I am not a developer, hacker, or other IT type so I have no idea what half the stuff they are telling me to do even means and most of the stuff (resetting routers etc) is not something I have the capability of doing anyway. Can anyone help? My other computers (an ancient Toshiba running XP and a Dell Latitude running windows 7) connect with no issues. What is the problem with this #$%& new machine??
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    are you running a anti-virus/malware application? Could be that this is stopping you from connecting?
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    Sounds like it might be something related to the Private/Public networks.

    Can we assume you are referring to wireless connections?

    If you were to check the advanced sharing settings in the Network and Sharing Center, Windows 8 changed how they are ;isted. You now have sections for Private, Public/Guest, and All. Make sure and look at all the settings, especially if the wireless networks are being listed as Public.

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