Cannot access Sharepoint server in Windows 10

I have been using OneDrive for business. After upgrading to Office 2016 I can no longer sync the files on my laptop. I can on two machines with Win 7. I have tried restarting OneDrive for Business from Start but the issue is that I get the error that we can't connect to the specified Sharepoint site. If I copy the url into a browser window I can get access.
I suspect it is a permission issue. My laptop has one Microsoft account and my Office apps are with another. I cannot create a group because one is a work/private domain and the other is an account. Perhaps I am off base here but that is why I am posting this question.

Since I posted this I was able to solve my problem. Using a couple of email accounts I was able to transfer the user account on my laptop to the same account associated with Office 365 and keep all the settings on my laptop. As soon as I did that I was able to connect to the SharePoint server and sync my files.
I thought I would post this solution in the event anyone else has a similar problem.


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Thanks for the update... you would think Microsoft test their shit works before pushing down peoples gut?


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Sharepoint is an enterprise product and most likely it couldn't connect because it was attempting to use pass thru authentication. So it was trying to feed your personal credentials to sharepoint.

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