Cannot create My Documents folder on boot drive

I purchased a SSD a few months ago and re-installed Windows 7 Home Premium on the new drive setting it up as a boot drive... I relocated my libraries to the original HHD since the SSD has only 120GB capacity...

This has lead to some issues... All of which i managed to overcome until now. I recently re-installed Steam so i could continue playing Borderlands 2, for which i backed up all local save files just in case i needed them in the future.

My problem is that Borderlands 2 will not save any progress i make. I think this is because i do not have a "My Documents" or "My Games" folder located on my C: drive. I do not have a "My Games" folder at all for that matter... When i attempt to even change the settings before starting the game i get the message "Failed to save your settings. Could not find a part of the path 'C:Users\Sc0ttyt\MyDocuments\MyGames\Borderlands 2\WillowGames\Config'- "

In Windows Explorer, if i try to create a folder "My Documents" under path C:Users\Sc0ttyt a message stating "This destination already contains a folder named 'MyDocuments' " pops up, even though i do not see one listed! My "My Documents" is located on my A drive. Why does it tell me something exists that i can't see?

My next move is to re-install Windows 7 and not relocate my libraries but this is hopefully not the easiest solution. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Problem Resolved

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