Windows 10 Can't access USB storage via LAN


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My Nvidia shield pro is wired to my router and also my router has a HDD attached to it, like a NAS.

I can access the contents of the USB drive on my Nvidia Shield pro and can access the NAS using my Android phone via FX explorer app.

However, using my laptop which is on WiFi and on the same domain (workgroup), I'm not able to access the USB storage that is attached to the shield pro or the NAS which is on my router.

My router Asus RT-AX88U is configured to share Samba and upnp is also enabled.

When I try to add a network drive in Windows, it says I don't have permission to view the contents.


Can someone please help me figure out why Windows is not able to access these LAN storage devices?
The strange this is that Windows can only see the NAS and not the shared storage that is attached to my Nvidia Shield, however, my Android phone can see these storage devices on my network, and as I mentioned, I can access them from my phone.



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Enable SMB 1.0 from Windows features.

Read up on the security risk of doing so.


This solution worked for me.
Disable the firewall for testing if still facing issues then figure out what you need to allow for it to work.
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If you only need it for the purpose of accessing media files.

Then Try to use VLC after you plug it into the router. then go to playlist and check the UPnP.

Some routers will make the media available as media files to be played. It can be done without installing SMB 1.0 .