Windows 7 Can't increase resolution past 1280x800


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I can't seem to increase my laptop's display resolution past 1280x800. I am using the Nvida driver set which came with my laptop's CD for Vista. I am running Beta 1 on a HP Pavilion DV6550eg. I can usually get past this resolution when Vista was installed so I don't understand why it doesn't work under Windows 7 (since both are based on the same framework).
Even though they are based on the same framework there are drastic changes in the way they run. This issue sounds like your driver that you installed is not working correctly. If you have not already tried to install the newest VISTA driver that is out i would suggest that first. If not just be patient and except that your screen resolution will be smaller than it used to be until a compatible driver emerges.
Well, I've installed the drivers upto the latest which is 185.20 but I guess if its not complete, then its not complete. The resolution looks OK but the start bar is HUGE!!! Makes it look like 7 is running at 640x480!!!