Can't install WIN7 - ERRORS ALL THE TIME...

Mikkel Holst

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Hello guys

First - I am danish, so i am sorry if my english isn't perfect.

Today chose to reinstall windows on my old computer, because of all the junk on it. I have not used it for 4 months. Anyways - I installed Logitech Unifying Software, because i needed a keyboard of cause.

After that i tried to put in my Windows 7 Install DVD - but in windows the dvd only showed this text file:

"This disc contains a "UDF" file system and requires an operating system that supports the ISO-13346 "UDF" file system specification."

When i try to boot the DVD, it says i am missing a driver, so I tried to install the driver with an USB.. Didn't work, got a error when trying to instal, something like "no new devices could be found"

Then i tried to boot from a USB, but i got "disk read error - press ctrl+alt+delete to restart" error.

So I am pretty much lost now - what to do?

Thanks in advance


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Go here
Grab the version appropriate for your currently installed / licensed version and architecture. Once you have the ISO grab something like ImgBurn from here to create a bootable DVD from the ISO.
Or even better grab the Microsoft Windows 7 USB / DVD tool and burn it directly to a USB thumb drive (must be at least 4GB in size). You should be able to get that tool here
Please make sure to set the burn rate at 4x or as low as you can possibly select from the drop down.
Then try the install with your new media and see if you progress any better.

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Mikkel Holst

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Borrowed an external DVD drive ( connected through USB ) and booted from that. Made it possible to clean install. Windows still won't read the disk and comes with the same error. But it reads other disks perfectly. The disk works fine on my laptop and on the external DVD drive. But that is a nother problem. The problem of this thread is solved.

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