Windows 7 Can't open minimized windows on taskbar


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Whenever I hover over an open application to open one of it's windows that minimized, the preview flickers and I can't reopen it. I can get to those windows by choosing Cascade Windows or one of those other options but I can't open them when I click on the application. Any ideas?
Hi Danny:
Does this also happen in Safe Mode with Networking (or just Safe Mode if you can't get SM with Networking to work)??

I've ran to the fact that it could be something as simple as to defrag the disk. Not sure, but not the biggest task to perform.
I repeat: Do a defrag.

Run antivirus in safe mode, and an anti spyware too, perhaps Malwarebytes,

Question: Can you remember when this started?

I've recently noticed that more and more problems happen because unwanted programs get installed as attachments to programs one downloads and installs, and they are not necessarily noticed by security programs - I had four of them myself, causing pop-ups, not noted by security, but they had to be uninstalled. You might do a service to yourself by checking if you have some "unknown" installations, lately. Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Programs and Features, click the "Installed on" so that you get the latest installation first.

Hope you get it working.