Windows 10 Confused about Cortana and Microsoft Account changes


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I'm a bit confused about Cortana and it's use of a Microsoft Account and I was wondering if someone can shed a little light on this issue?

I have 2 accounts with Microsoft. One is a account and the other is an account. I use my account for email and I use my account for OneDrive. Why? Because MS offered me a ton of free storage space years ago before they introduced Microsoft won't migrate this free space over from my account to my account and I don't want to pay for the space on my account just to eliminate my old account.

I have a laptop PC, a desktop PC an android cell phone and an android tablet that all connect to the OneDrive space associated with my Hotmail account.

So, here's my concerns...... My laptop was converted to Windows 10 but I'm still waiting on my desktop to receive the update. I went to setup Cortana on my laptop and it prompted me to provide her with my Microsoft account. But at this point, which one should I provide her with? If I give her the Hotmail account will this mess up anything with my email on If I give her my account will this mess up my OneDrive setup on my laptop and my phone and tablet? Will providing her with either account mess up anything when go to setup my desktop PC as I'm wondering if I can use the same account on both PC's with Cortana? Also I got far enough into the sign up process to note that there was something about the fact that I would no longer need my password to log into my Microsoft account and that a pin number would be used instead. If I converted my account to use a pin instead of a password will this mess up the access to my OneDrive on my cell phone and/or tablet? Bottom line is that I'm very concerned about the impact any change I make setting up Cortana might have on my accounts and my equipment. Can anyone explain all of this in pure, simple, laymen's terms so a dummy can understand? Thanks.

Ralph Bromley

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I think it doesnt matter what account you go for, as i dont think either one should be an issue.
But out of the choices I would use the outlook, it should just work.

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