Delete a Monitor in DISPLAY Control Panel?

I use a lap top with an external monitor.
In the Display Control Panel, there are THREE monitors listed:
-The lap top
-The external monitor I use
-Another monitor called "No Monitor", (excellent name!).
I've configured the No Monitor to the pull down option "Disconnect This Display", but it's still there.

It's not a big deal, but I was just wondering if there's a way to remove it altogether.


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I do not have your situation, but there is a Detect button on the screen resolution page. Maybe using that would update your system.

If that doesn't work, you might go to Device Manager (and perhaps even in Safe Mode) and see if you can delete it there.

Thanks for the help.
I opened Device Manger and there were three monitors listed, although they're all the same. No differences that I can see. I right clicked each and checked Properties.
If deleting one of them is the answer, how would I know which one?

Thanks a again!


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Are all the monitors shown as default monitors or do they show the actual monitor model? If not, have you loaded any drivers that might have come with the monitors, or looked for some type of update?

If they all three look the same, possibly removing all three would allow the system to reinstall the good ones. Or one or two at a time might be enough help.

I have not actually done this procedure but I do not think you will completely loose your video, but you might make note of the keystrokes needed to restart your system just in case. (Perhaps Winkey, right arrow, right arrow, up arrow, enter)

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All monitors are shown as default monitors. I didn't load any drivers.
I was thinking of doing just what you suggested, but am waiting to get the courage up.
Won't I always have the lap top monitor?


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I don't think it will let you remove all the monitors without causing a warning message. But I have not tried.

If you turn off the external monitor and then remove it, does the number of monitors change? Have you tried doing that and then doing a device search using the icon at the top of device manager?

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