Didnt Detected ASUS EN8600 GT Silent... Very strange problem

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    The problem, that i described here but the only one cares. The Problem: Videocard didnt want to detect! Screenshot (The sreenshot is on russian, but i think you'll understand) When I am trying to install driver for my card it's saying: No NVIDIA Device detected, GTFO
    I heard many of the tales (?) about The-Good-Windows Seven, but i never thought that it wont detect my VGA!
    My Hardware
    Motherboard ASUS M2A-VM
    Videocard ASUS EN8600 GT Silent
    RAM 3 GB
    Proccesor AMD Athlon x64 3800+
    Windows 7 x64 Ultimate
    The drivers on Chipset are installed! The Gamer OSD is installed! The utilites from ASUS are installed! I don't know what to do, please, need advice
    And sorry for mistakes, i am Russian :)
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