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I would like to add a second monitor on my computer. The first one is plugged in my graphics card, and I'm trying to plug in my second monitor to onboard vga port. Thing is this, I need some specific drivers for my onboard card and I can't run them!

Here's my motherboard model: ASUS P5Q-EM Intel G45 Chipset

- I tried to install drivers from default CD but it's not compatible with my OS (Windows 7 x64).

- I also tried to download the specific drivers from the official Intel website here, but when I'm trying to install them I get this error: "This computer does not meet the minimum requirements for installing the software"

Any ideas? I need this for my job so it's kinda important for me.


After a quick research I found out that it's hardware problem. Inter graphic card is not even detected so I went on my BIOS and I took some pictures related to graphics and on board configs for you. I hope you can help me out guys!


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On-board video card automatically gets disabled if you install a PCIe graphics card. I am guessing that your new graphcs card does not have vga port. DVI to VGA adapters are cheap so you might wanna grab one to run your VGA monitor.
But if your new graphics card is on x1 PCIe, you can run both graphics card at the same time. Just enable the on-board card in BIOS. The right-most monitor on my sig below is on VGA port via on-board video card.

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