Exe files cant open!

Heeh forum, i have a problem, i cant open all my exe files, becouse when i was trying to open one last, i kind of changed the standart open program for exe, to my Power iso, so all my exe files on my pc, where change in some way to power iso files. i now have this problem that i cant change it back to standart open, you know i cant open any of my shortcut/ programs so cant open any thing almost, also it took me ages just to find out how to open the internet, cause also that shortcut where changed to an Power iso file, well after i changed it to Power iso file, my pc crashed and ii had to run safe mode, so in safe mode i uninstalled power iso and all, other program like power iso, ( win rar and daemon tools, ) so now when i have to open something i have to find the standart program to open exe, which i dont know where is or dont have.

Pls help people, i have really no idea what to do?


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First, go to start > Run, and type regedit. Select the HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT branch and export it to your desktop

Copy and paste the following lines betwen the quotes into Notepad and save as (Choose ALL Files, and manually type the .reg extension. make sure to save it in ANSI format. Name it exefix.reg


"Content Type"="application/x-msdownload"






@="\"%1\" %*"




Double-click on the file to merge it into the registry

cant open the regedit

it say : cant open C:/Windows/regedit.exe


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I thought that might happen, just double-click on the exefix.reg file.

soz im not to good to this

where i find that file? ;D


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You have to copy and paste the lines and create it yourself then save it to your desktop.

If you don't understand how I can upload it in a .zip file.

yeah that would help me

yes pls can u do that ;D


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Here it is.

Unzip it to your desktop, then double-click on it.

okai thx

how to unzip them, normally i would use winrar, or something, but as i uninstalled, and cant run any programs how i unzip it?

just do it

click the zip file link and select open. zip files are automatically handled in Windows now.

Problem is solved,

thx for the help but the zip file u uploaded didnt work well, but i asked a friend and he found one wich helped me i will upload link here: and the file that helped me is under:
on the side
so all with the same problem as me, just download the file and run it, it should work on windows 7 and on vista.


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