Extremely slow wireless

Hi all, I've been running Win 7 since the beta officially launched and have since moved to the RC, and mostly things have been fine.

However upon returning home from University and moving from LAN to WLAN my internet speeds have dropped drastically. I have tried 2 different USB dongles with fully upgraded drivers (Belkin f5d5070 and ZyXEL G-202, the former working fine on the beta) with no luck. My ubuntu netbook is reporting down speeds of ~8.5 Mbps whilst the top my PC hit was 0.6 Mbps.

I'm running the 7100 build, x64 on a decent system which was working flawlessly until now. Any ideas?

I too am running win7 64 bit and don't have any problems with my wireless network, I think it's probably the driver, there seems to be a lot of driver issues as far as it not working "properly" it works, just not properly...

WIFI is a funny thing. And USB WIFI has always been a hit or miss thing on speeds and connectivity.

Just cause you have full bars doesn't mean you will get good speed. There could be underlying interference causing the problem.
Also, as stated, drivers may not be up to par as everything should still be considered beta, and drivers should also be till well into dec/jan/feb (some 3rd parties even longer).

I would suggest looking for Win 7 7264, search for the hashes here on the forum and elsewhere and make sure they match. 7264 is the last closest release to RTM that I know of.

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