Files Association Problem in Windows XP. Please HELP!

Please someone help me how to fix my problem about the file target of all my programs. The operating system of my PC is Windows XP 2002.

Last night, I opened the folder options then i forgot what i did (sorry). suddenly, all the programs including microsoft,mozilla firefox,google crome, even the paint,notepad anything the file target was converted to .exe file.. So i cant open all the programs. Please someone help me what should i do..


Noob Whisperer
Sounds to me like you either got a .lnk or .exe file association issue.
In either case one of the fixes located here will likely square things away for you

If the problem was the result of some malware I would suggest you set about ridding yourself of that as well. Grab the free version of MalwareBytes here

You have a virus! You need to find someone with a bootable antivirus disk!

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