Going to install update


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I did a Macrium backup yesterday, ran a Dell Support Assist scan, installed new BIOS, and an Intel Interface Driver. Is there anything else I should do? I am on admin account for this upgrade. Thanks.


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You should be fine even without performing those steps, but they never hurt especially the backup.


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Also, on average about how long should this process take. I know all systems are different - also, if it seems to stop, I should not interfere, as in shutting it down - from what I've read online. Thanks.


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Just finished the update. For my system it took about 90 minutes. Happily the update looks to have cured a couple of issues. My photos now open without that message about the registry that I was getting yesterday. A;so, not sure if I did it or the update did it, but I found the media folder where my audio books reside. I still am not getting the transparency feature to work - no big deal-just like the way the task bar looks when it's applied. As everyone said, update should go smoothly and it did!! Thanks to all.


Hello folks, I recently updated to v1903 x64 with success on June 12, 2019.
When I check my update history, I saw that 2019-05 Cumulative Update (KB4505057) had failed to update on 8.06.2019 which did not try to update by itself, instead my computer updated to 2019-06 (KB4503293) with success.
I wonder if the missing (KB4505057) will be an issue in operations or should I simply neglect this failure???
If it is a must to have the KB4503293, will it cause problems to force to update with an iso or whatever??? Please respond..