Windows 10 "Group Administrator" ???

Alright done ... I went to "import bookmarks from other browsers" and then, "Import from IE" (Command phrasing may not be exact) as all of my Favorites from day one from my XP machine were in previous versions of IE. The only two that imported were the two Russian links. So, I immediately deleted the import folder. I will have to either start from scratch again or find some other means of getting them. I still have the XP machine so, maybe there is still a way to get them.
Again, thanks for your time and support helping me get this issue resolved. That is all appreciated.

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In your case, being struck with trojans WHILE LOGGED ON WITH ADMIN-RIGHTS I would suggest that you reinstall your Windows (the Product code is saved in your BIOS, and in your Microsoftaccount) That is the only way you may remove all the bits and pieces of all your malware…. And please reinstall your computer in a PROFESSIONAL MANNER.

When that is done, i would suggest that you buy a PRO-grade malware protection like: sophos home its only €37 and you may protect up to 10 different computers (windows or mac), With both these steps you should be able to use your computer in a safe way..

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You could delete your sync'd data here
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Then clean up your local bookmarks, extensions and search settings at a minimum then logout and back into chrome and it should resync your local chrome data to the cloud again and you should have clean data at that point
Worked For me, Thanks.

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