Windows 8 Has anyone installed Windows 7 dual boot on a Computer that already has Windows 8?


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May 25, 2009

I'm still thinking about running Windows 7 along with Windows 8.

I know that there were problems installing Windows XP after Windows 7 instead of the other way around.

And I have only installed Windows 8 dual boot on a computer that already had Windows 7.

Anyone know if there are any problems doing it this way?


I've seen posts and think it will work. I think you will need something like EasyBCD to fix the boot. Loading the older system after the newer one messes up boot files.

I have done it both ways for testing. It will work, but there may be a need to "repair" the Windows 8 install to get the boot back to the Windows 8 GUI and make sure the Recovery sequence is working.

I had a parallel boot, each OS on an SSD, which seemed to work fine. I did have to turn off the Windows 8 Fast Start to keep the Chkdsk from running all the time.

Thanks for the info, I may have a go at this.


I do it often. But, my way may not be suitable for all. I have current images (Acronis, but there are many others) sitting in safe places - anywhere but on the active partition.
I install Windows 7 on the prepared partition. I then reinstate the image. This takes care of the primary boot problem and you are clear to go.
As before, a little touch up with Easybcd puts Windows 7 back in the Windows 8 boot manager, if not already found.

Mike, if you get a chance, and to have something to compare to the system after you install Windows 7, you might run this command in an admin command prompt and put the text file away for future reference.

bcdedit /enum all > %userprofile%\Desktop\W8onlyBCD.txt

And FYI, I have gotten away from recommending EasyBCD, but if you have a UEFI install, I believe you need at least version 2.2...