Windows 7 HELP! i cant install windows 7!!!

Hey no need for bad language only trying to help :)

Lost interest now good luck !

Zunor has yet to answer the question about the exact Motherboard he has in this Computer.

Any Hardware SPEC that omits or ignores this "Mother of all all hardware" , the foundation on which all others like the CPU, the RAM etc are directly fixed, has the BUS- the communication pathways that link all devices with each other etched on , receives the Power connector from the Power Supply Unit to power the onboard devices, and on which is the BIOS ROM Chip that keeps a record ( Firmware) of all the important hardware and initializes them when Powered On to begin the booting process-is depriving the most vital information for any serious or unusual troubleshoot. A significant Motherboard problem could turn the computer deaf, mute and blind!
Hey no need for bad language only trying to help :)

hi whoosh,
Yes, I concur completely with your observation:).

one of the important aspects of Forum troubleshoot is to maintain civilty and avoid profanity while exchanging information however frustrated one might feel because something is not working well for any reason. A good Question not only makes the voluntary free help givers interested in the problem but makes the archived data useful to countless readers seeking troubleshoot information using search engines. More over the FAQ in this Forum refers to the need for a proper code of conduct expected from everyone who uses its free service. It also gives a list of hardware specification people asking for help need to consider giving while posting a question.
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my motherboard model Link Removed due to 404 Error (Link Removed due to 404 Error).

this is what you wanted from what i could understand (my english is not that good..)
my motherboard model Link Removed due to 404 Error (here).

this is what you wanted from what i could understand (my english is not that good..)
Hi Zunor,
Thank you for posting the make and model of the Motherboard:)
I have had no problem understanding your English.
With the details about the board I have been able to gather a few pieces of information that might be useful.

  • This ASUS M2N Motherboard has a new BIOS update named M2N BIOS 0902 they claim was to
    "Fix certain graphic cards may not be detected" you can download that from: ASUSTeK Computer Inc..
  • For your Video card you may download the latest Vista 64 Bit driver to be used in Windows 7 Beta 64-Bit OS from:
  • If you are convinced your Downloaded Win 7 ISO file is not corrupt, you may try to use that for installation, if there is any doubt you should try to obtain another known good iso file from elsewhere.
  • You may check your present computer's hard disk [ you have not mentioned how many HDDs in that PC, their type , Size and free space in them] using WinXP's Disk Management Tool [ Right -click My computer>Manage> and in the left pane of Computer Management screen locate and click to expand + Storage , click Disk Management
    • In the Right Pane locate your Hard disk Drive(s) at the bottom half . First HDD will be 0 and the second designated as 1 and so on....
    • You will notice how they are partitioned and if there is any un-partitioned space (unallocated) which you can partition using Win 7 tool during setup. Make a note of the Disk where you find the unallocated space of minimum16GB but if it is less you cannot install Win 7 and that can cause setup problem.
  • Since you have stated earlier
    About is it a Custom or Upgrade i think i tried both (or custom is when you format you compter then no..)what i tried
    I interpret that as a No for Custom Installation and Yes for an Upgrade Installation. In that case I recommend as most in this forum , for you to select "Custom Installation". And then you need to select the >16GB of Unallocated Space you had noted earlier through WinXP.
  • If this method fails your option will be to try to upgrade Motherboard BIOS and try again. You should follow all the other recommendations about removing devices and software known to cause setup errors mentioned in an earlier thread.
I sincerely hope this helps you. You may post back with details of what happened with these steps.
Good luck.
now my computer wont even turn on xD i think its cause of the electric stopped a few times and i got error CPU OVERHEAT

anyways i cant do it so im sending it to a technician and hope he could fix everything.
ill give him your tips :)

and what softwares may iterfare with win7 installition
"and what softwares may iterfare with win7 installation"

None. During installation, the Microsoft product is only using its own, tested OS installation files.
It is more likely that one of your hardware peripherals has caused the overheat, as radenight indicated.. Even a mouse with a shorted connection could cause the problem.
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