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Help with RAID 1 ! =/


Senior Member
Jul 29, 2012
i just bought a new PC. I have 4 disk drives 2x Samsung 840 PRO 128gb in raid 0 and 2 Seagate 6gbps 7200rpm 1TB in raid 1.
I went into bios and made the 2x samsung ssd's in RAID0 (success) Then i couldnt make Raid1 with the same method =/. So i went into windows 8 in disk managment and created mirrored volume (its red-brown colour and says mirrored volume underneath), in my computer i see 2 disk drives 1TB Seagate and 1 256GB samsung.

How can i be sure that i have raid 1?
Also if the 1 drive fails from raid 1 how can i view or recover the files?Can i view the files in another pc?
I would have thought one of the Admins would have moved this thread already. You are in a tutorial section and not a normal help forum.

I am not the RAID expert, but maybe I can see something.

Do you have both sets of RAID drives connected to the same controller?

If you have an Intel board, you must have the Intel Rapid Response Technology installed for the RAID drivers. Do you have that utility you could open to check the management of the drives? If not, there should be a RAID OpRom during boot that would show the configuration of any RAID arrays.

You are working in Windows 8 and not Windows 7?

A RAID 1 is a mirrored volume. I would think, as long as you treated the surviving drive as a RAID configured drive, you could recover data on it.