Here's something that I really wish Microsoft would change in Windows 10.


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I really wish that Microsoft would make an easy way to get into safe mode on a computer that won't boot.

I've had to deal with several issues that I believe I could have fixed easily if I could just have selected "Boot into Safe Mode" or "Boot to last good Configuration".

The truth is that most people who upgraded their computer from an earlier version of Windows don't have install media, so for them it's almost impossible to get into a computer that won't boot because of a missing driver or something like that.

I can't count the number of time that quickly booting into safe mode has let me fix a boot problem.



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Good point. I can name a few more things... I sometimes have Windows freeze up for no known reason. There is no good log to see what was done last to see if that may be the cause. Something like syslog in Unix... I also tried to restore from backup written to an internal hard drive (or USB external HD, or, shares over the home network) only to find out my boot drive doesn't have the proper drivers to access the backups. Bumper! Windows knows where I setup the backup location so should Windows includes ALL the proper drivers needed to access the backups to the boot disk when it created one for me?

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