How can "Computer" be provided as a link to a shortcut?

Hello. I need a shortcut that would lead to "Computer". The problem is however, I don't seem to figure out where and what "Computer" actually is. Is it a folder? Is it an executable? Where is it? I also would like my shortcut to be pointing at "Computer" properties when "Properties" is clicked, similar to "Computer" shortcut that can be placed on the "Start" menu. This is something a regular shortcut just won't do? You might have a question of your own by now: Why would you need a shortcut if you can get one for your "Start" menu? Well, I need it to be on the taskbar instead, and this is something that has to be done manually. Is there a way to accomplish this? Thanks.

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If you move your mouse cursor to the bottom left corner of your screen the toggle widget should be displayed, on which you can right click to produce something called a power user menu. Choosing the system link from this menu is pretty much the same thing as right clicking the computer icon and choosing properties I believe.
Wouldn't that suffice?

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