How can I uninstall ASUS Command?


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Exactly what I ask in the title, I try uninstalling in control panel but that does not work, I feel it may be causing an issue related to other things so I want to uninstall it.


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have you got
  • ASUS Manager.exe (by ASUSTeK Computer) - ASUS Manager (ASUS Application Window)
  • AsHKService.exe (by ASUSTeK Computer)
running in the background?

what anti virus software is the system running?

you already tried the control panel so that implies a brute force admin powershell next... list all installed software with this code
find the {package full name} of the software then uninstall it with "Remove-AppxPackage [package full name] so example screen
Screenshot (19).png

the following code would remove onenote from my system
Remove-AppxPackage Microsoft.Office.OneNote_16.0.3327.1048_x64__8wekyb3d8bbwe

To be very clear, I wouldn't try it unless all other options have failed because you can do serious damage to your computer with this type of script.


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Perhaps you could disable it first using Autoruns from No need to install anything just download and double click the application and it will show everything running in the dungeons of your computer.