How to change an Exchange Password?

After I installed the beta-version of Windows8 on my desktop, I used the mail-App to make a connection with my exchange-account. Once every six months I have to change the password of this exchange-account. Now I don't seem to be able to make changes in the existing account within Windows8. How can I make changes in an existing mailaccount in Windows8?


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Interesting question and unfortunately I do not have an exchange account to test.
Have you tried editing the password from within the windows 8 control panel
Open control panel change the View by: (top right corner) to small icons
Select the Mail icon
Then the E-mail Accounts button
Is your exchange account present? If so double click it. You should be able to edit the password you are using from there.

Well, thanks for your reply, but this isn't the solution. The problem is that I use the Mail-app to make a connection with the Exchange-account that I use for my work. Therefore, the properties of this account are not on my computer. Therefore, when I open the control panel, this account is not present under the mail-icon.
With this App, it was the first time I could make a direct connection with my work-account. Before that, I had to use Webmail. But when I open this App, and then open the settings, I can 'see' the exchange-account but I cannot edit the settings. The only possibility I seem to have is to delete this account and create a new one, with the new password. This seems to be a bit complicated. Surely there must be a better possibility.


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Have been researching since my first reply and deleting the account and starting over with the new password seems to be the only solution I could find.
Mail App change password - Microsoft Answers
Like you it would seem that many are hoping that this will be fixed in the RTM.


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Many of these settings are changed from the Charms Bar. With your Exchange mail open, try Charms to get the options to change your password.

Many thanks for your efforts. I've deleted the old account and created a new one. Nothing else seemed to be possible. A bit of a silly mistake by Microsoft, though.

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