How to directly (!) call printer preferences for printer X?


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Assume I installed previously some printer (drivers) for physical and PDF printers.

They work.

I can access the preferences of e.g. printer X by:

START--->Control Panel--->Devices and Printers--->Right click on Printer X---->printing preferences from context menu

But: Is there a way to access this printer preferences dialog DIRECTLY?

I want to create.e.g. a shortcut to printer-something *.exe or *.cpl and get immediately the dialog window.

How does that work?



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Sure you can do that with a shortcut..

The command would be


Just replace PRINTER_NAME with the name of the printer you would like to see preferences for. If the printer name contains spaces then make sure to use quotations.

An example:
RUNDLL32 PRINTUI.DLL,PrintUIEntry /e /n "Ricoh Aficio CL7300DT"


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It works :) Thank you

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