How to install Skype Metro Beta on Windows 8 – Step-by-step guide


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Skype Metro was first leaked yesterday. See below for the guide on 'how to':


You would need the following things

Skype Metro package which can be downloaded from here: Metro style Skype Preview for Windows 8 — WINHAX

An active internet connection not just for Skype usage but, for its installation also.
Microsoft Account for installation.

Now, when you have fulfilled the above requirements, follow the instructions below to install Skype Metro


First of all, extract the zipped files of the package.

Now, open the folder named as ‘Skype Metro’.

Here right click the ‘Add-AppDevPackage’ and select ‘Run with PowerShell’.

Your ‘PowerShell’ window would open. Wait for the commands to load.

After you have the commands, you would be asked; ‘Are you sure you want to execute the policy’, simply type in ‘Y’ and press ‘Enter’.

Next, after few more on-screen processes, ‘PowerShell’ will ask for the ‘Administrative Privileges’. Press ‘Enter’.

Tip: If, you are asked for the permission by UAC, simply give the permission by pressing ‘Yes’.

Now, your ‘PowerShell’ would open in Administrative mode.

Next, a pop-up window would open. Here read the license agreement and press ‘I Agree’.

In the next window, you would be asked to sign-in with your ‘Microsoft Account’.

After signing in, you would be showed a message that you have a developer license. Simply press ‘Close’.

You would be taken back to the ‘PowerShell’.

You would be asked again to continue. Type in ‘Y’ and press ‘Enter’.

Then, you would be showed that the developer license was successfully acquired and then, the installation of the package would start.

Wait for the installation to complete.

After installation, you would be showed that ‘Your package was successfully installed’. Press ‘Enter’ to continue.

Your ‘PowerShell’ window would close and your Skype is ready to use.

Go to ‘Start Screen’ and look for the Skype tile at the end of the list.

Enjoy using Skype Metro for Windows 8.

[Video] How to install Skype Metro on Windows 8


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Radical dude. I'm going to check this out as soon as I'm home from work.


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Not tried it myself Mitch so I'll be interested to see how you get on..

The download link has been removed... is there any way you can upload the file or pm me it?

... or you could share it on skydrive ;)

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Not sure Caspian.. Thanks for posting the link tho'..

Here's another related article from Neowin w/screenshots.

Skype for Metro leaks, we go hands on - Neowin

There is no download link @ Neowin and as far as I know, there is no 64bit version at this point.


BTW, the download link @ WINHAX in kemical's OP was removed as per MS

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Not sure there will be a 64bit app. Microsoft tends to stick with 32bit for Windows UI apps for better compatibility.


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Tried this morning but couldn't get it installed. Oh well, official release can't be far.

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