How to remove XP/Vista from dual boot with Windows 7

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    Didnt find such a tutorial if I installed windows 7 on a partition of my vista or xp and then removing vista or xp if I decided to keep windows 7 permanently.

    by trial an error I managed to get it done with the following steps. if you are unsure, do a full PC backup first before you attempt.

    1) boot into windows 7
    2) create boot record on windows 7. in command prompt type bcdboot c:\windows /s c:
    3) remove all page files running on vista (d:) if you have them
    4) right click on my computer select manage. select disk management. right click on the partition containing your windows 7 OS and choose "make partition active"
    5) reboot (should boot from windows 7 boot manager) without showing the OS selection screen
    6) only if you are sure that the previous steps are done correctly and your computer is booting from windows 7 partition. delete vista/xp partition from disk management. might need to use "remove" first from change drive letter option

    7) to recover unallocated free space before your windows 7 partition
    a) use partition wizard to expand your current windows 7 partition (free and compatible partition software Partition Wizard is a Windows based FREE Partition Manager. It works as partition magic and supports Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista/2008 server and Windows 7. FREE for Home and Business user.)

    b) norton ghost to clone windows 7 to unallocated partition, make new partition active
    delete and recover old windows 7 partition (I did the previous step a. this step b is just how I would do it if step a failed. not tested. only would work if your windows 7 partition is smaller than your xp/vista)

    Let me know if it worked for you.
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