Windows 7 How would you rate Windows 7

I've used every known version of windows (including BOB), and like 7 better then win 10. It loads fast and never slows my computer like 10 does.
Windows 7 is the most user-friendly OS, they've gotten away from that concept a bit, by screwing up menus, making things harder to find. Taking away legacy game compatibility in Windows 10 hurts, too. I rather enjoy those games I paid good money for, like Bejeweled 3.
So windows 7 has been out for a good while how would you rate it. Do you love it, like it, 50/50, dislike it or wish I never installed it. So far I have had few too no problems with 7 it is so much better than vista I have to say i love it.
Windows 7 is reliable, but with some quirks (what OS doesn't have some?). Windows 7 was able to mimic the look and feel of XP with the addition of a freeware Desert.exe theme and menu, giving consistency across the network. It is on three of my seven PC's, two have XP, and one is running Linux Mint 17.2 Rafaela, Cinnamon desktop version (64-bit), and one Windows 10 laptop was just converted to Linux Mint 18 “Sarah” Xfce Edition with Cinnamon desktop (64-bit). I find myself using the PC (AMD Phenom II X4 965 CPU home built) with Linux 17.2 more than the Windows machines. While there is a learning curve after using Microsoft products beginning with DOS and the Intel 286 processor, it is proving faster and more secure than Windows. The latest distributions are far superior to those I tried a decade ago, Linux Mint 17.2 Rafaela with the Cinnamon desktop loaded, and amazingly found and installed all the components, including my wired network, el-cheapo ASUS video board and the HDMI TV I use as a monitor, and the Canon MFD printer. I had to learn how to install a clientless VPN connection with tunneling to Hide My Ass, but by following HMA's instructions, and several cups of coffee, it has been up and running. The Linux Mint 18 installation is working, but I am still fiddling with it, but it too looks good. We will be using Windows 7 on the machines it is currently installed on, as my noble assistant does the financial stuff on them, but in time I see a complete switch away from Windows entirely to Linux. In my opinion Windows 10 is a disaster well worth avoiding.
I really like it. I am still getting used to Windows 10 as I put it on some machines to try it out. However windows 7 have a comforting sense of familiarity.
It's OK, but I switched to Win 8 after I read about improvements in internals. I made the latter look like Win 7 by using Classic Shell, etc.
You can't beat Windows 7. It was (still is) the best OS that Microsoft put out. Microsoft only needed refined Win 7 and not play Russian Roulette with Win 10.

I have four PCs in this home, the wife's Dell laptop that came with Win 7 and now upgraded to Win 10, my PCs...two HP dc7900. One Home and other Pro OS. Both have been upgraded to Win 10. The PC with Home is the problem maker. It never gives me peace of mind...always something happening. I'll take Win 7 any day over Ten. The other HP p6750f desktop came with Win 7, and I made the mistake upping to Ten. It is now back to Win 7 with a new Motherboard and Hard drive. And it is running better than ever. It will be buried in the famous computer graveyard with Win 7 OS.

I agree, I loved Windows 7, what they should have done was stop at Windows 7 and then just make improvements as it evolved, without changing how the interface worked, or how you accessed everything.

I guess that's what they are doing with Windows 10, they just went a little to long before stopping.

So windows 7 has been out for a good while how would you rate it. Do you love it, like it, 50/50, dislike it or wish I never installed it. So far I have had few too no problems with 7 it is so much better than vista I have to say i love it.
I liked Windows 7, but noticed that updates became a nightmare, the apparent push to Windows 10. The WU update right after SP1 was the initial source of misery. An update should fix a problem, not create one. The only way to keep Windows 7 good is to keep a good image of it with all KB updates installed. A clean install requires all KB updates to be stored offline.
While I still love Windows 7, maybe a bit too much, because when my XPS 8700 arrived with Windows 8 in UEFI/GPT mode in September 2013, it was a costly decision three years back to revert to MBR to keep the OS. Now am playing catchup after three years missed w/out UEFI (self-built new PC just over a month back) could had installed Windows 7 using VM software or Hyper-V machine & kept on going, learning the new, while having the best of both worlds.

It would be fantastic if Windows 7 would support UEFI, kind of odd that Microsoft allowed Linux this feature with a $99 key, yet not their largest customer base, which still remains so today. While I've heard of workarounds, don't want to be running a non-genuine version of Windows 7, or violating the EULA, one part which refers to reverse engineering for one's use of the OS.

I have a strong hunch that Windows 7 will be the last greatest OS that Microsoft released, considering it's very popular reception (similar to XP) & still retention rate of today. While Windows 10 at some point will take over, it won't be due to popularity, rather by what the market has provided the last few years. And while one can still get Windows 7 Pro, the return on investment would be poor, considering W7 has just over 3 years of support left, in that regard, 8.1 Pro is a better option.

Though I suspect the holdouts for Windows 7 will be much larger than those for XP, and usershare will hold solid for 2-3 years afterwards.

BTW, my build, of which I'll install a Windows 7 VM on, or venture into the Hyper-V world. For whatever reason, the GTX 1070 FTW shows as 4GB VRAM. has been verified to have 8GB by GPU-Z, and anyone who knows these cards, knows there was no 4GB FTW version.

I'll run Windows 7 in some form until the wheels falls off!:ohyea:

There is and never will be any OS better than Windows 7. Microsoft made one grand mistake when they decided to let Win 7 fly by. All they could or should have done is....just improve it.. That's all.

I agree in full, look at all of that cash poured into Windows 8 & 8.1 (or W8 SP1) & how much of that was like filling water into a cup with a hole in the bottom. When with a fraction of that cash, could had at least gave Windows 7 users SP2. How did Microsoft manage to ignore their largest customer base & still is today & survive, is the million dollar question.:andwhat:

Most any other corporation would had went under in not paying heed to their largest customer base. As a former sales manager, our existing customers were #1.:heart:

Microsoft must have had more cash than brains, is all I can figure on the deal.:bat:

Windows XP and Windows 7 were the best Microsoft operating systems. I don't know if they'll be able to come out with something as good as these operating systems...

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I think Windows 7 was the best also. They need to quit trying to turn a desktop into a phone interface. They also have to realize that there is no need to replace a computer every 3 years like you did 15 -20 years ago. The hardware improvements today are much smaller than in the past.
The hardware improvements today are much smaller than in the past.

And the newer computers are also more energy efficient while more powerful than ever.

Unfortunately, Windows 7 isn't supported on the latest gen Intel CPU's, and suspect it'll be the same when AMD's new version is (finally) released.