Icons Disappearing from Desktop

Only certain icons are disappearing. I put them back on and they go away again. Anyone know why that would be? thanks


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Suggestions :

1. Make sure your computer is clean. Run a full virus scan.
Recommend using Malwarebytes, Best in the business.
If you don't have it, here is a download link. Select the free edition. You can but the paid version later on if you like it that much.

2. After virus scan, rebuild your icon cache. Yours might be corrupted.
Option One is easiest.

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Gavin Oscur

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Hi jmille92,

That new feature is ‘System Maintainence Troubleshooter’. You could try to turning it off.

System Maintainence Troubleshooter- Turn On or Off

Those Desktop icons will not show on your desktop screen unless you have them turned on. Even when turned off, they will always show in the common Desktop folder and it never present in your C: Users\(user-name)\Desktop folder

Add & Remove Desktop Icons

Hope this helps...
Gavin Oscur

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