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Windows 8 Install Windows 7 on a new HP with Windows 8 on it


New Member
Apr 6, 2013
I have a brand new HP Envy dv6 with windows 8 on it from the factor. I have some software that is only available in Windows 7 with upgrade to windows 8 versions 6 to 12 months off. I figured no big deal, I've done dual boots before.

Well it's different now. I made a partition, formatted it NTFS. So far fine. Stuck in a brand new never used windows 7 disk and tried to run it. Comes back with message that "Windows cannot be installed to Disk 0, Partition 5." Click on further details: "the selected disk of of the GPT partition style"

Any idea what I can do. Called HP twice --- support says "we do not support dual boot". When pressed on this issue, they had no idea what to say when I asked: "Are you telling me that this machine and software is incapable of doing dual boots, or are you telling me you technical support people are not permitted to give advice?" These folks were overseas apparently and had no idea of what to tell me, they just were rattling off the company line and had no idea how to tell me what I was asking.

Appreciate any advice you may have. If you are in any kind of business, wait at least 2 years before you even consider bringing Windows 8 in. There are way too many headaches --- constant interface complaints from users being the first thing you will encounter.

Is HP the bad guy here????
Windows 8 pre-installs are usually using the UEFI configuration. When you boot the Windows 7 DVD, use the Boot Device Menu and look for the DVD drive with a UEFI annotation in front.

Other things that might come into play, a Windows 8 install with secure boot enabled, will usually kick you out to somewhere, perhaps back to the bios until you have adjusted some settings. Hard to say for sure since they all seem to handle it differently. There may be some info on an HP users site.

I am not sure about this, but the Recovery partition on the end might be referenced as a particular drive partition. By adding another partition in front, it might effect the Recovery options for your system .. but again, no particulars available.
I think the partitions maybe the problem here....I see that it says in the error message "Windows cannot be installed to Disk 0, Partition 5." Click on further details: "the selected disk of of the GPT partition style".

There is a limit to the amount of partitions windows will let you have.