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Feb 10, 2010
Hi, I have a question regarding the installation of the Windows system on two different computers.
Here are more details:
I bought my laptop 3 years ago with Win 7 professional. The OS was already installed, so I didn't receive any disk. As I understand this is usually happens when retailer sells PCs and buys special version of Windows that he can install on multiple computers with the same product key. Am I correct?
So now I am buying another PC without OS at all and I am wondering if I can install the same Windows on that other PC. I don't have a disk but I created system image once I received the laptop.
So few questions:
1. How can I check if my version of Windows is retail version and if it can be installed on other PCs?
2. Can I install full Windows with system image?
3. Can I use that OS on additional computer and will it be genuine afterwards?

I intend to use both PCs.
Thanks, any advise will be appreciated.
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The bottom line is NO. A retail PC has an OEM version of the OS, which is tied to the PC/laptop permanently. You have to purchase the retail version of the OS and then it will only work on one PC at a time, but the retail version is transferable. Meaning you have to uninstall the OS on one PC and then install it on another PC with same product key code.
I believe you can get another license for your Windows, but you have to pay for it. In terms of ideology, I don't see any hindrance that would stop Microsoft for selling as many licences as you want to buy. It's pure business. Companies have multiple licenses.
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