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I have been trying all day to download Windows live mail so I can use all my e-mail accounts but although the download says it has downloaded I get a message indicating an installation problem. I have also been trying Google Earth with a similar result

What is one supposed to do?


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Start by running Malwarebytes and see if you have any malware that may interfere with the download process.

What browser are you using?

If you are using Internet Explorer try Google Chrome if you can and see if the downloads work with it.


Thanks Mike

I have given up on Windows live mail and installed Thunderbird instead. This went in OK but it was a bit baffling to find out how to add a second email account.

I have two accounts, one with my ISP and the other with In neither case does thunderbird read any of the messages in my in boxes, the Bt account will send messages to the isp account but not vice-versa.

It seems Google earth does not have a windows 8 version which is a great pity as it was a tremendously useful tool.


PS - I am using IE10 but will put in Chrome and firefox once I have got this client working


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I too dropped Live Mail in favor of Thunderbird.
And I talked to a friend this morning who is having the same problems I was with with Live Mail.

I'm going to switch him over.

I have Google Earth installed in Windows 8 and it works fine.
It will even display in Stereo 3D if I wanted it too.

I had a hard time trying to turn it off.

I'm running version...

Google Earth.JPG


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