Internet Browsers Crash (Shockwave Player Unresponsive)

Updated from Windows Vista a few days ago and now basically any internet browser I use crashes. I get a message that Shockwave Player or Adobe Flash or Unknown Plug-in is unresponsive. I reboot and am able to use the internet for about five minutes and then i get that error message again. I also tried to uninstall my sound card driver than reinstall it and that works for a few hours then I get the error message again. I have tried restore points and still no luck. This happens with Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer or Safari.
I am running:
64-bit Windows 7 home Premium
4 gig
HP dv6



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If you are trying to run Flash, it does not seem to work in the x64 mode. Try running the 32 bit browser, or even running IE with no add-ons.

I tried both but IE with no add ons doesnt let me watch any videos. Should i try reinstalling windows 7?

yeah i upgraded to from vista to windows 7 home 64bit and got the same problem. got the update for free from hp which i assume you did too. and nothing i've done so far has fixed it. i have been emailing hp support but they have been sending me in circles. they had me reinstall adobe flash and reupdate to windows 7 again then the last message they wanted to me to give a call to my internet provider, this is where i figured they were sending me in circles because everything was working fine before i updated. although when they had me reupdate to windows 7 it got a little better, i can watch like 6-10+ videos before i get the shockwave crash and thats on mozilla chrome and ie.

if you find a solution please let me know! its very frustrating!


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Try contacting Adobe Customer Support, HP can't help you.

Do you have Shockwave and Flash installed or just flash?

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