Internet Connection Sharing Mysteriously Doesn't Work

ah I see what you're saying now. No, it doesn't have wireless though.

Alright, then you still could do what I was saying for the pc.

Then, just connect the XBOX wirelessly to the Modem/Router.

You will definitely get net access this way for both, but trying to set up a streaming server from the pc to the XBOX may be difficult under these circumstances since the computer and XBOX will each be on a different subnet.

OR simply forget the D-Link altogether and just connect both PC and XBOX to the Modem.

this is what I'm trying to do. My xbox doesn't have any wireless device. The only way to attach it wirelessly is through my laptop's ICS (xbox is connected by an ethernet cable to the laptop)

As I said before, I had no problems with this in the winter when I was home from college. I don't think I changed any settings since and it has just magically stopped working now. I just bought my laptop in the fall so it shouldn't be any issue like that.


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The only advice I can offer would be to double check on the laptop that the Xbox IP is allowed on the in & out on the firewall fully, and that the wireless and ethernet devices have been "Bridged" to allow it to work.

Understanding Wireless LAN Bridges -

Thanks for the reply. Looks like I've pretty well depleted this forum. I have just a couple of things I want to say left before I look elsewhere if this doesn't work.

First, in response to Highwayman,

I think I checked the Xbox IP several times already. Also not sure why it would suddenly block the IP several months later; I'm sure nobody has tampered with any firewall data. I have a headache at the moment so I'll double check in a bit but I'm certain this isn't the case.

Also, I've tried bridging a connection for the wireless and ethernet already. That's a Windows XP version of Internet Connection Sharing... Windows 7 allows you to right click the Wireless connection and select "share this network" for the same thing. Nonetheless, I've tried both ways of doing this and neither works (both should have have worked in the past.)

Secondly, I have one thing I would like to try but I don't know how to go about doing this.
I don't know much about the internal components of the Interface to wifi-Modem on the computer. It could be possible that I have a driver issue or something like a driver for this which has gone bad. Or maybe after working on this for so long I have altered 1 character wrongly in the "Wireless Connection" properties. Also, I had to update my computer bios recently (did this AFTER it already wasn't working anyway) to fix some monitor issues after upgrading this laptop from Vista to Windows 7. (Actually my screen still glitches once in a while when watching videos but that's a whole seperate thread for another day...) So I'm wondering if there's anything I can download to just "reset to factory settings" for the wireless "program" in network connections. And/or any replacable driver things I can test. I tried updating my wireless modem on device properties when right clicking my computer already, it couldn't find anything newer though.

tl;dr - Wondering if there are downloadable drivers for the Wireless modem, or a "reset to default" option for "Network Connections\Wireless Connection" 'program'

After that, I am completely out of ideas.

Try a winsock reset. Open an elevated command prompt, then copy and paste this into it, hit enter:

netsh winsock reset

Reboot important after.

hmm, that didn't seem to do anything.

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