Windows 8 Is there a good windows cleaning utility?

There isn't a logical answer to your query. I guess this is why I did not offer one.

Many of us just like to know, periodically, that our computers only contain material which we placed there. Much the same as how often we get our cars washed!

In order to make an image, two days ago, in preparation for the cumulative update (I have yet to have even a slight failure with these) I cleaned manually and with the other two mentioned. Today, I see I have just over 1kb of various temps. Not a lot to worry about. I have no idea how much would be accumulated if I did not clean.
If the figure is reasonably static, then I would agree with your sentiments.

We are tending to focus on temps. Of course, as you well know, the cleaning facilities clean quite a bit more than that. I, for example, manully clean my event logs, to make it easier to read them, should I encounter a fault. (Ccleaner also does this) Ditto cookies, which keep pestering with irritating ads whilst you browse.
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Tune up is malware. Just took a look. Malwarebytes freaked out straight away

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DaveHC, I guess the answer becomes as possibly argumentative as favorite Antivirus...but you do realize the minute you wipe temps more come right back so to keep the drive "spotless" you would have to have Ccleaner running a pemranent scan in startup and always on...absurd of course it is but then that is my view of "cleaning" because theoretically the job is never done and for me and it is strictly my opinion, there are better things to worry about and do.
Ok. We will keep our own views. I think the op has the answer to his query. As I said, I clean at essential (for me ) moments. And I am NOT referring to temps only. Subject closed for me.
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Many of us just like to know, periodically, that our computers only contain material which we placed there. Much the same as how often we get our cars washed!

That's a great point! It's been inculcated into us that when we get a computer that we're supposed to install anti-virus, pc cleaning software, and not today we're supposed to have anti-malware as well. And remember back in the days of Gateways and Hewlett-Packerds those PCs were just flooded with "utility software."

So maybe the pc market is just like any other big consumer product, home, car, appliance, Oh you have one of those? then you have to buy these add on products to make sure it runs smooth, or has a longer life.
Hi! Although I can't prove this, there are a lot of windows users that clean out their temps, because they believe it's a good place for malware to hide. I clean temps because it's always been a habit. Any way here's a couple of links to look at. W10 has created a different way to clean your drive. You can always do it the old way. Necessary or not. I like to keep my PC clean.
Common spots where Malware could hide in?
Here’s how to clean out your hard drive in Windows 10
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It actually makes sense that temps is a place that Malware and Adware frequent, the only time I clean the temps out is if I am running scans and I want to speed them up...hello holdum old friend! Nice to see you back!
If you want to be a fearless windows user like myself, learn how to create back up images with a 3rd party image program. That way no matter what happens, you will be able to recover your OS just like it was the day you created the image. If you get carried away cleaning your drive, and you think CCleaner messed you up, you just restore the image, and you're back up exactly like the day you created the image. Hi Rich. Nice to see you also.