Is there a good windows cleaning utility?


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similarly, i support nmsuk 'n ussnorway on their proposals. well over a decade ago, couple of my friends had asked how i maintained such a healthy computer. they soon purchased themselves brand-new dell laptop computers(win-xp) and asked me to "prep" them by installing av and other security utilities. veritably, their new computers all came with norton … to which i utilized norton's uninstall program to completely eradicate all traces of norton from their new machines … i definitely breathed easier after reboot and confirmation. i also reminded them to update the reference files often … which they still forgot to do. :(

so as not to hijack this thread … i had tried registry-cleaner one time and, since then, have never allowed one near my computer.

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Windows doesn't need anything to perform the cleanup process if you're using it as MS suggested. But if you use so many third party software then you are actually collecting garbage inside your system drive. Various software program which you download from untrusted sources might be causing the changes inside your registry. So it is neccessary to play safe with the third party software.

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I have System Mechanic from Iolo,or have had,since my factory reset i use Ccleaner and Defragler,witch is the only two programs i would recommend,cleaning utillities is dangerous,and what ever you do do not clean your registry.


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I would sooner run my car over my computer rather than using System Mechanic, at least that way you can see the damage immediately.
With System Mechanic it could take quite a while until it ruins your system. Third party "cleaners" not only don't clean anything, they usually create irreversible damage.

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Hello And defragler from piriform

CCleaner is a great tool, I don't know why you don't like it. It's pretty sad that all Microsoft can come up with is Disk Cleanup, but still. CCleaner is a good option, you should use it. It can clean registry as well.


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Agreed Ccleaner is a handy tool, quick and easy to use. As has already been said though Windows does not need a registry cleaner.

Windows Disk Clean can also be configured to clean more thoroughly by accessing the Disk Clean settings.
This little guide explains what you need to do:
Windows 10 Advanced Disk Cleanup - TweakHound

Hey Windowsforum memebers!

I am looking for a Microsoft Windows cleaning utility.
Not something like Ccleaner, but sort of a window with all the cleaning tools which are from Microsoft Windows itself.
Hi there,

There are many cleanup software which can remove unwanted files or folders, temporary internet files & others resulting in higher system performance.
Some of the most popular are :

1. CCleaner
2. SysBoost

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